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Welcome to UO Elemental, where adventure and magic blend. Explore a world of hidden treasures and captivating quests. Unleash your imagination and forge your own path in this realm of endless possibilities.

Join our Discord community!
Join our Discord community!

Unforgettable Excursions

Special Events

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Experience thrilling and immersive events that will leave you enchanted in the world of Elemental.

Legendary Weapon System

The Relic System of Elemental is included as the main looting system in PvM. Experience different levels of relic power, with the most important and hardest to obtain being the 'Legendary Relic'

The Eternal Siblings

The Eternal Siblings: Unveiling a Mythical Tale, Amena and Hermes, are two custom Mini Bosses of UOE that exclusively emerge in Felucca. Unveiling secrets of the game, these questers hold knowledge on finding Gorrow, enabling the quest for Bedlam.


Smaug, the fearsome Final Boss of our Council of Mages storyline, awaits your heroic confrontation. Prepare to face an array of custom Champions, MiniBosses, Bosses, and other unique creatures in the realm of UO Elemental.


Mistas is a custom dungeon in UOE, with events tied to the server's 2022 storyline involving Martei and the Black Spiral Mages. It features a main event similar to Doom, offering increased drop rates and PvP elements. Players can access it by defeating Astral Guardians or Malignus near the Mini Champions to open a portal.


Having played UO for over 20 years, I can share and assure that UOElemental is the server with the most content, an inexhaustible proposal of PvM and PvP.

- Magnolia

Good Time

UO Elemental is an excellent server that has a well-balanced system between the classic and new elements, adding hours of attraction in PvM and PvP. It also has a closely-knit Staff and Community that make it a very attractive server to spend a good gaming time!

- Voikot

Discover the Unexpected

Dive into a world of adventures and unique experiences. Explore our customized map with enhanced-texture buildings. Engage in PvP and PvM activities, unveil secrets, and embark on quests. Enjoy automatic invasions, unique loot, and clan dungeons. Join Elemental, where adventure awaits!

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