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1. About players and their conduct

You are a PLAYER user when logging into our server. This also applies to participating in our Discord server. By participating as a PLAYER, you agree to abide by all the rules of UO Elemental. Violation of these rules may result in penalties, bans, or account deletion on the server and expulsion from the Discord server.

Racist, sexist, anti-religious, or anti-LGBTQIA+ speeches are prohibited. We do not tolerate hate speech. Additionally, all sexual or violent content is prohibited in the server channels. This means that insults, aggression, negative insinuations, especially discrimination based on ethnicity, illnesses, or disabilities are not allowed.

2. Griefing not allowed: What is it?

Griefing is engaging in actions that directly interfere with the enjoyment of other players.

A) For UOE, this includes:

  • Repeated verbal harassment.
  • Trapping players in non-competitive instances.
  • Blocking access, whether on the map, main doors, or events.
  • Systematic attempts to scam in the game.
  • Offending other players by using names that relate to the point number 1. Names applicable to pets or symbols using in-game items.
  • B) “Ghosting”, Scouting, and Champs/Bosses Espionage:

    Using ghosts to control specific areas is prohibited

  • Automatic scouting of champs, mini-champs, or bosses is not allowed
  • Ghosts or young characters cannot be used for spying purposes. The use of skills like “hiding” or “stealth” in these areas is not prohibited, as long as it doesn’t lead to abuse. These practices are commonly used to detect activities in particular areas and can be easily countered with the “detecting hiding” and/or “tracking” abilities.

    3. Doxxing not allowed: What is it?

    Doxxing refers to the search and collection of private information about a person on the internet, usually with malicious intent. The public exhibition of private and personal information of individuals who play UO Elemental is prohibited without permission.

    4. Disrespectful behavior towards UOE staff

    The UO Elemental staff are individuals who have volunteered their work “ad honorem” to provide a high-quality server that can offer a lasting project in Latin America. Disrespectful behavior towards those who develop this project, either directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated.

    5. Accounts

    Accounts are personal, and the PLAYER user is responsible for them and for maintaining their privacy and password security. Each PLAYER user can create six accounts and use one at a time for each activity. Using more than one account in the same place for a single objective is not allowed. The use and creation of more than six accounts will result in penalties, such as bans or the deletion of additional accounts. A staff member will NEVER ask for your password. The character names for each account must be UNIQUE, and offensive, sexually suggestive, racial, or obscene names are not allowed. Please refer to points 1 and 2.

    6. Items

    Regarding Items: The UO Elemental staff is not obligated, under any circumstances, to replace lost items. This means that we are not responsible for external hosting or third-party problems. Any exceptions will be personally analyzed by one of the GMs (Vigo, Heizen, Aldoux) and consulted with the rest of the staff.

    7. Housing

    Each account (6 per PLAYER user) can create one house or add one with a donation deed. Any player who owns more than six houses or lands risks permanent expulsion.

    8. PVM (Player versus Monsters)

    Using more than one client is not permitted in PvM. You cannot use two accounts while fighting an NPC. Breaking this rule may result in a ban. If you have two accounts interacting with a monster or player at the same time, you are risking a penalty.

    *Doom Gauntlet: Using more than one client in “Doom Gauntlet” to generate a greater number of spawns is not allowed. Breaking this rule may result in a ban.

    9. PVP (Player versus Players)

    Multiclient PvP is not allowed. Inflicting damage with more than one account simultaneously per PLAYER user is not permitted. This includes building walls, blocking, revealing, hiding, healing, resurrecting, and issuing commands to pets. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

    Note: Please contact the staff if you have a second family member playing under the same location (IP).

    10. AFK (Away From Keyboard)

    Unattended gameplay is not allowed. An automated AFK (Away From Keyboard) test will be used for those who are breaking this rule.

    If this CAPTCHA is answered incorrectly or ignored, the player will be automatically sent to jail.

    A) Considerations:

    The default jail time is 24 hours, but this value may be modified by the staff.
    The minimum penalty for AFK farming is 3 days.
    The UOE staff may send you a verification whenever deemed necessary. You may receive multiple verifications in a single day.
    Once the penalty for not responding or ignoring the CAPTCHA is imposed, we will provide a margin of up to 10 minutes to send us a page or contact us privately. If this occurs, the penalty will be revoked.

    B) AFK Resource Gathering

    Automated resource gathering is limited to 3 characters per IP. In UO Elemental, you can farm with a maximum of three accounts per IP. If more than three accounts are found, penalties such as jail time or permanent bans may be imposed. This term only applies to mining, lumberjacking, fishing, recipes, and/or Heartwood runics. Any other use will be considered illegal.

    11. Permitted Clients and Assistants

    Allowed software includes UO Elemental Classic UO client for Windows, OSX, and WEB, as well as UOS, Razor, Classic Assist, or any assistant that does not provide fair advantages over others.

    Programs or applications that give unfair advantages by violating technical properties of our server, especially if they negatively impact competition against other players, are not permitted.

    12. UOE Rules

    These rules can be updated and may be modified when the staff deems it necessary for the proper functioning of our shard and community.